Ashok leyland bs6 tipper 2820 specification and full review step by step,

BS6 Tipper 2820 Specification

Ashok leyland bs6 tipper 2820 this car is new bs6 model tipper of ashok leyland company hello guys today we are going to tell you through a blog post about the ashok leyland bs6 tipper 2820 specification

Technical Specification
Talking about the engine, this vehicle has Ashok Leyland MID-NOX TECHNOLOGY 6 CYL. BS6 diesel engine friends Mid Knox technology engine means exhaust gas recycling and SCR selective reduction reduction technology-1 combination which has been developed in Ashok Leyland especially to reduce the bs6 noose, so you all had a mind in Ashok Leyland. Whether or not the Add Blue will be added to the bs6 engine is clear that Ad Blue will be used in the vehicles of Ashok Leyland in Mid Knox Technology. At 2400 RPM engine 200 gives HP power.

Gear box specification
Speaking of the fall time, this vehicle has a 9 speed manual synchromesh type gear box. Friends, it is a very good thing that this tipper has a 9 speed manual gearbox which in paper applications, 9 speed gear box would prove to be very effective. Which is considered to be the most important in the tipper.

Exle and Suspension
Talking about Real Excel, this vehicle has an Arrier Excel Heavy Duty Hi Fight JSK with RAR 6.5: 1 ratio on the front axle of this vehicle with Semi Elliptical leaf springs with hydraulic Telescopic shock Absorbers. The axles on the rear of this vehicle have been given the Bogie Suspension with V-Rods and Radius Rids.

Brake specification
Talking about the brakes of this vehicle, the double line fuel air is provided with S-Cam brake with ABS brake which proves to be very artisan for the tipper.

Weight and dimensions
Talking about the weight and dimensions of this vehicle, the GVW 28000 kg means 28 ton weight of this vehicle, the tipping length of this tipper is 3900 mm, the tire size of this vehicle is 295 / 95D20 and the rim diameter is 20 inches. If we talk about the 220 liter Polymer Material tank, then talk about the tiffin system of this vehicle, the front end typing mechanism hydraulic jack has been installed which is 14 Cum 5 Brass, 16 Cum 6 Brass, 18 Cum 6.5 Brass, 20 Cum 7.2. Brass capacity has been given the option right now Ray has proven to be very effective for the car mileage and pricing information is not used in vehicle construction crusher and construction materials safety.

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